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How to Detect Faults in the Roof

No house is complete or strong without a roof. The roof tends to receive the biggest share of abuse from the environmental forces. With the number of storms set to increase in the near future, this section of your house cold incur water damage. You can expect nothing but holes, leaks, and indoor flooding. You, therefore, need to know how to tell when there has been water damage. Here are the things that will point you in the right direction.
Water stains are the simplest way of telling. You will notice dark, circular spots on the ceiling. Those spots tell you that the water damage sustained was enough to let water pass through. You need to have the roof inspected at those spots to tell how far the damage has gone. Those signs tend to speak of broken shingles as the major problem.
When you see broken or missing shingles, you will know there is a problem. You can check around the house for any broken shingles. You also need to climb up the roof for a closer inspection. As it rains, water will act on the shingles and over time, loosen and dislodge them. You need not suspend acting on even one missing shingle, as that is enough to damage your roof further. It is cheaper and faster to replace it than it is to replace the whole roof.
Another bad sign is shingle granules in the gutter. The more they are, the extensive the water damage you face. Rain will damage the shingles, as will the heat of the sun. You can see why you need to do the repairs early before the shingles get destroyed.
You also need to worry about soft wood decking. You can go up the roof and walk about, feeling for soft spots. Be careful not to step too hard on it and crash in. Soft wood is a sign of rotting wood, not just water sipping through.
You need to also do something about a saggy ceiling. Water damage does not necessarily show itself as the dark circular spots, but may also appear as saggy sections with bubbles and curves. If you do nothing, that water will collect and break the ceiling, flooding the house.
Water leaking tells you the damage on the roof is substantial. Wet spots on the floor mean you should be prepared for a major roof repair or a replacement project. It is important that you do all you can to not let things get to that level.
After a rainy season, you need to check for these signs. Do not let the next rainy season find the roof in disrepair. You can discover more ways to cope when you visit this site.