10 Sleek Modern And Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

The definition of contemporary bathrooms is minimalistic styling and beautiful bathroom fittings. If you are planning on decorating your home in a modern interior decor style, contemporary bathroom fits perfectly as a choice for the same. The biggest advantage with planning your bathroom style to be contemporary is the fact that one can find fixtures for it anywhere in the world at hardware stores easily. There is a big variety to choose from and the other advantage is that contemporary bathroom fixtures gel better together as compared to traditional fixtures. Let’s have a look at what is trending in the interior decor world and help you design your bathroom in a sleek modern and contemporary way. 1.Walk-in Shower

In this type of a bathroom, a plane of frosted glass separates the dry side of the bathroom from the wet side of the bathroom. The dry side consists of a sink, drying area for the towels and all the bath products. The decor in a walk-in shower is very clean-line and minimalistic. To add a dash of edginess to it, add a wooden accent.

2.All White Everything

Brighten up your modern interior styled bathroom with all white everything. Sure it can be a bit difficult to keep clean, but the end result when you have to have a bath will feel tranquil and peaceful. From the flooring, to the tiles to the ceiling, to the towels, to the sink to the bathtub. Let it all be white.

3.Add Natural Materials and Elements

So that your modern bathroom does not look too cold, add some plants to it to add life and warm up the space a little. You can either place a creeper in a small transparent glass jar by the window or hang some pot by the ceiling. Placing indoor plants beside the bathtub or on the sink works just as well. Also try to play around with natural materials like wood for the top of the stool or for the shelves in your bathroom.

4.Keep it Sleek and Simple

Nothing is as relaxing and comforting as having a lavish bubble bath after a long and extremely tiring day of work. The key to making your bathroom look stylish and at the same time you having to enjoy a dip in the tub is by having a stark white floating tub installed in your bathroom. This will bring out the modern style of decor in your bathroom.

5.Float It Out

Now that we’ve spoken about a floating tub, there are other things that you could have floating in your bathroom as well. We’re talking about a floating sink, vanity and shelves. Floating everything = more space. This concept of fixtures in your bathroom will make your bathroom look more spacious, clean, sleek and less cluttered.

6.Add a Rug

To add some style to your modern bathroom, it is not necessary to add a tonne of decorative items or accent pieces to it. All you need to make your bathroom look more inviting is a rug with colourful patterns. This will immediately warm up the space and unify the decor and elements in your bathroom.

7.Contemporary Tiles

Get inspired by cool geometric patterned tiles for your bathroom. A geometric scheme will behave like a striking addition to the contemporary lavatory. Go for a monochrome scheme if you want a more muted finish, and add brass fittings to it, to break the monotony.


If you like taking risks and don’t shy away from bold design moves, have a mural painted on one of the walls of the bathroom. It could be a black and white scheme or something colourful, the choice is yours.

9.Gallery Wall

To get rid of the clinical feel in the bathroom, hang up some abstract artwork, paintings and accents to breathe some character and life into the bathroom.

10. Atmospheric Lighting

When it comes to the relaxation of the mind, lighting is the key element. Avoid using bright and overpowering lights. Instead opt for something that is light, warmer and has a more understated feel to it.