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Different Methods Used in Setting or Denying Bail by the Court of Law

You will have different people who do not understand about bail and bonds. It will be necessary to know more about the terms. The court of law will decide the bail amount that acts as the collateral to ensure that the defendant will be available during their hearing after they have been released. When a person cannot raise the amount required for the bail, then this company can help, and in this case, it will be known as a bond. For the court to come up with the amount the defendant will need to pay as bail, then they will need to follow a given procedure. From this site, you will discover more about some of the methods used to decide the bail amount the defendant needs to pay.

The criminal records of the defendant will be vital when it comes to granting of the bail. People who have other criminal records will be seen as a potential threat to the community. It would thus be unsafe to release such people. The amount that will be offered as bail will be high as that will get to discourage such people who request for bail. You can view here for other situations that will involve past criminal records that will have bail denied.

When the court is offering bail, then it will look at the seriousness of the crime that the defendant will have committed. If the crime is thought to be serious, then the amount that will be needed as bail will be high. Click here for different types of crimes and their seriousness. When a defendant is bailed for a serious crime, they are likely to flee than those with less serious crimes.

When the case has strong evidence against the defendant, then the bail may be set high or denied. It will especially occur where witnesses who are known to the defendant will testify against them, and hence, the case will require further investigations. It will be so to ensure that the defendant will not get to obstruct justice in either bribing the witnesses or eliminating them.

Some of the cases that courts handle will involve aliens. It will thus be easy for the foreigners to get out of the country. If the case is not over and deportation of the foreigner will not have been decided, then it the foreigner may be denied the bail or the bail may be set high. With the high bail amount set, it might put some pressure on the foreigner, and thus they may find it hard to leave. Bail may also be denied, or a high amount offered to those who are caught trying to flee from the police.