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Tips in Using SEO on Instagram

Businesses use Instagram as a tool for digital marketing. Using SEO techniques and optimizing your business profile is the best way to have a good start in Instagram marketing. It is easy to gain followers and audiences that appreciate your business if you post photos that tell of your brand’s message. You will then be able to engage with these followers who, in turn, will engage with your content more. This can help your business achieve its business goals faster.

In Instagram, you can search for photos by using hashtags. If you want to do SEO with your Instagram, then make use of hashtags.

The hashtag is used in Instagram before keywords which have no spaces in between. The function of a hashtag is similar to the function of keywords in search engines. They lump posts together with other posts of similar content and link the by the hashtag. This is how SEO keywords get your website seen by search engine users. Users will be able to see your brand’s profile if you use a good hashtag. A good choice of hashtag will put you in front of your target audience.

If you want to improve your Instagram SEO, here are some best hashtag practices.

Your limit for Instagram posts is 30 hashtags. Don’t flood your posts with hashtags. Just use 4 to 5 hashtags. Make sure you hashtags are not spammy.

You should use niche hashtags. The best hashtags that will attract your target audient to your posts are niche-related hashtags. You can also mix niche and broad hashtags for a well-rounded effort.

Your Instagram photos should be free from hashtag clutter. Just add them after you have posted your photos. Once you have posted your photos, add your hashtags in a comment. This gives your audience a clear view of the picture itself.

Malicious content should not be used in your hashtags. Because key phrases in hashtags have no spaces, you might not be aware that you are spelling other words in it. Check your hashtags carefully to see if there are no malicious words being spelled; a good example would be #therapists which is both good and malicious depending on how you read it. You don’t want your brand to be linked to malicious posts.

You can also optimize your Instagram account by optimizing your business profile. This is just like the homepage of your website. with your Instagram profile, your potential customers will be introduced to your brand and message

The best profile picture you can use for your business is your logo. Your brand will be unified in different channels and will make people more aware of your brand. A mascot would also be great for your profile picture. Don’t put your personal picture even if you are the sole owner of a business. Identify your account as a business and not a personal one.

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