Click Here For The Latest Tips On Wearing Fashion Jewelry

Accessorizing an outfit with fashion jewelry can enhance and even transform a woman’s overall look. Choosing the right jewelry to complement the clothes can be tricky, however. The following are a few tips for pairing jewelry with clothing for the best possible results.

Use Jewelry To Complement Colors And Patterns

Jewelry can complement an outfit by adding a subtle touch of something missing. For example, try pairing a necklace or pendant in a deep, solid color, like red or turquoise, with a white or light-colored top to make the whole outfit look more interesting. Similarly, bright, sparkly gemstones can complement a dark, understated outfit. Pairing cool colors with warm colors is also a great way to make a piece of jewelry stand out or to make an outfit seem more complete.

Choose Jewelry That Fits The Occasion

When a woman dresses to suit an occasion, whether it’s a day at work, an afternoon at the park, or a night at the club, she will feel comfortable and confident. While some types of jewelry can work almost anywhere, like a wedding ring, simple stud earrings, a watch, or a keepsake necklace, other pieces should be reserved for special occasions. A pearl necklace is a classic piece to wear for formal events, and diamonds are the go-to gem for an elegant look. Dangling earrings and stacks of bangles are great for social events, but they may get in the way in the workplace.

Match Jewelry To Face Shape

Another thing a woman should consider when choosing jewelry is how well a piece complements the shape of her face. Women with long faces, for example, can balance that length with triangular earrings that add width. Women with short, round faces can use long, dangling earrings to draw more attention to their eyes and nose. Women with a short neck should avoid chokers, but a necklace that curves down to the collarbone can create a sense of length at the throat.

Women who enjoy jewelry can make their wardrobe more versatile by curating a collection of fashion jewelry pieces. To see a variety of unique designs in necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and earrings, click here.