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5 Ways Hiring a Home Stager Makes Total Sense

There are tons of simple ways homeowners can decorate their homes on their own for a sale. They can take out clutter, do a repaint job, add some beautiful fresh flowers, etc. So you might ask, what is a home stager for?

For one, a lot of homeowners are uncertain of what paint colors to use or where to put the clutter. Indeed, selling a home could be nothing short of overwhelming. They generally lack real estate knowledge regarding their local markets and the way homes within their price range must look.

In contrast, a home stager can look at a home with a whole new perspective and view it in the eyes of as a highly meticulous buyer. If you’re thinking of selling your home and hiring a professional home stager, these advantages may just convince you to go right ahead with your plans:

1. A home stager knows exactly what’s necessary to create the right environment as fast and cost-effectively as possible.

2. A home stager knows just how homes in varying price ranges look like and what’s going to make them sell. They will recommend certain actions that your real estate agent may keep silent about just because they don’t want to lose the listing.

3. A home stager has no emotional attachment to anything in your home so they can decide more objectively in terms of which stuff should go or stay. Thanks to their expert vision, they can suggest optimal way of rearranging your current furniture, wall decor, accessories and the others.

4. A home stager can readily pick new tiles, paint colors, finishes or any other part of your home that could use a facelift. And they have ready contacts with everyone too, from painters to cleaners to self-storage facility managers and just about everyone who would be useful.

5. A home stager can bring in a new set of furniture, wall decor and other things that may be more appropriate for your home’s target market or if your home is empty.

Home staging is not reserved for Hollywood celebrities or filthy rich businessmen. Even for the most modest home, staging can have a positively drastic effect on the selling price and the length of time it stays on the market. For instance, a home that has been for sale for months with the highest offer being $200,000 can easily be sold for at least $10,000 more with just around $400 worth of rearranged furniture, organized stuff and the entire house all cleaned up. Remember that people, home buyers included, are highly visual beings. Hence we say first impressions last, and a huge part of this first impression is visually derived.

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